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Master of Education (Special Ed.) (2023)

Torrens University Australia

Bachelor of Education (2016)

Charles Sturt University

Multisensory Structured Language Therapy (2024)

IMSLE Australia

Head and Neck Anatomy (2022)

Charles Sturt University

Speech, Language and Culture (2023)

Charles Sturt University

Master of Speech Pathology (enrolled)

 Charles Sturt University

Children's Book Author and Illustrator

'Baby Gnowch (n-ou-ch)' 

Whilst teaching in the classroom, I observed many students with complex conditions and disabilities had characteristics and behaviours that would often impact their learning and socialisation. I needed to broaden my understanding and improve my teaching practices to better support and accommodate for my students and their unique and diverse needs. So, I enrolled in the Master of Education (Special Education) at Torrens University Australia because their curriculum best aligned with my pedagogy; a person-first approach, authentic differentiation, thoughtful collaboration, maintaining high expectations and respectful relationships.

Throughout the course, I learnt through shared and lived experiences from those with disabilities across their lifespan. I have gained an expertise in autism spectrum disorder, mental health conditions, learning disabilities, learning differences and neurodiversity from childhood, through to adulthood.

I discovered a deep love and enthusiasm for understanding contemporary and evidence-based learning practice that support disabilities and neurodiverse conditions. I was particularly interested in understanding how I could minimise barriers in the classroom so all students would achieve a strong sense of belonging, inclusion and self-esteem. I also wanted to alleviate avoidant behaviours and improve mental health. Ultimately, the goal was to ensure vulnerable students had access to important opportunities in the future, such as, quality higher education, healthy relationships and improve overall life satisfaction in adulthood.

I have thoroughly studied and researched the correlation of co-existing conditions that are often overlooked, particularly for girls and women, such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia. My passion led me to enrol at the Institute of Multisensory Structured Language Education (IMSLE) to become a Multisensory Structured Language Therapist. This is an educational therapy specifically targeted towards improving reading, writing and spelling outcomes for neurodiverse learners, those with dyslexia and all-round struggling readers.  

During my internship with IMSLE, I found an interest in speech and articulation difficulties and how these can impact reading, spelling and communication. I am currently studying a Masters of Speech Pathology with the intent to further develop my knowledge to deliver researched-based services and outcomes for my clients.

I truly believe that access to early intervention will strengthen neurological development, encourage acquisition and consolidation of literacy skills, increase academic achievement and support social emotional wellbeing. 

Everyone deserves to enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous life.

Communication, literacy and language is the gateway to that life.

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