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Drawing from the foundational Zones of Regulation by Leah Kuypers, the My Zones of Feelings Auslan Edition is a curated set of 38 flashcards tailored to enhance emotional understanding through four coloured zones: blue, green, yellow, and red. These zones offer a structured approach that assists children in recognising and categorising their emotional states, making it an invaluable tool for caregivers, teachers, and therapists alike.

Start the journey of emotional exploration by introducing the distinct colour zones to children. The detailed explanations provided on the reverse side of the introduction card will aid in elaborating each zone's significance. Gradually guide children through the myriad of feelings showcased on these flashcards, prioritising a select few from each zone initially. As their understanding deepens, introduce additional Auslan feelings.

Engage children in meaningful conversations about coping strategies suitable for different emotions in each zone. The reflection questions located on the back of these cards serve as thought-provoking prompts, ensuring meaningful discussions and a deeper understanding of emotions in Auslan. This resource is designed to foster emotional literacy and self-regulation in a supportive and interactive way, making it ideal for use in educational and therapeutic settings.

Please note that the images displayed on each card are aimed to provide a broad understanding of the handshapes and movements required to sign different feelings in Auslan. It is recommended that you cross-reference these signs using resources within your local community.

These cards were developed in strong collaboration with multiple Auslan users, including Kirsten Mooney (Auslan teacher), David Grant (founder of Auslan with David, and Gail Smith (owner of Auslan Journey). We also consulted with the broader Deaf community to get their feedback on their preferred signs for the different feelings/emotions presented.

My Zones of Feelings Auslan Edition Flash Cards

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