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My role as educator is to guide pupils towards becoming life-long and successful learners.  I want everyone to belong, be meaningful and productive members of our community and enjoy life satisfaction and fulfillment. I recognise, value and honour our commitment to our Indigenous Peoples as I strive to close the educational gap. I guide learners towards reaching their full potential by providing personalised, explicit and evidence-based programs that are as unique as they are.  I create a positive and encouraging environment where strong relationships and therapeutic support is paramount. I advocate for inclusive education by removing barriers, meeting sensory needs and using best-practice. This is achieved through deep understanding of my learners, their background, culture, family, disability or condition, community and truly providing what they need to learn, succeed and flourish in education and wellbeing.


Learners that are experiencing literacy difficulties must access evidence-based and personalised teaching instruction to ensure they are effectively learning the language code for reading, writing and spelling. The Multisensory Structured Language principles for instruction are explicit, systematic, cumulative, cognitive, intensive, emotional sounds and focus on meaningfully taking print to speech and vis versa. Multisensory instruction encompasses the use of visual, auditory and tactile processes to enhance memory and strength neurological pathways. It is an inclusive education pedagogical approach to support neurodiverse learners, those with disability and any struggling reader.


As the learner progresses through their personalised program, they will experience improvements in reading, spelling and writing due to a deeper understanding of phonological awareness, alphabetic principle, phoneme articulation and spelling conventions (orthographic processing). Every pupil is unique due to the diversity and the severity of each condition.The program delivery and sequencing reflect this understanding. Everyone deserves to experience academic success and achievement in a way that meets them where they are at in their learning journey and systematically guides them to where they need to be.


Everyone is celebrated, unique abilities are embraced and strengths are further fostered. The learner will not only gain access to more academic and educational choices, they will also enjoy a magnitude of improvements in memory, emotional regulation and communication. Pupils will have improved executive functioning/organisational skills for school, higher education and employment. They will gain confidence to pursue academic and employment goals due to an increase in self-esteem and wellbeing. Learners will flourish in many areas of their life and carry these skills throughout their schooling and well into the future.

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