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Created by The Learning Toolbox

The Wooden Wheel of Feelings is a resource designed to help children to explore and express their feelings. This interactive resource allows children to turn the "I feel…" dial to select from a choice of 12 feelings.

This resource is particularly helpful for children who may not have the vocabulary or words to describe how they feel during heightened states. It encourages children to develop their emotional intelligence and communication skills by providing them with a visual representation of their feelings.

By using the Wheel of Feelings, children can learn to identify and express their feelings in a healthy and constructive way. This can help them to manage difficult emotions and communicate their needs more effectively.

Crafted from high quality, natural wood, the Wheel of Feelings is a durable and sustainable resource that is built to last. Its simple and intuitive design makes it easy for children to use and understand, while its vibrant colours and smooth texture make it an engaging and tactile learning tool.

Wheel of Feelings

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